ICHINOMIYA DENKI CO.,LTD. contributes to society by producing motors.

Ever since 1960 when we were founded, we have been producing motors.
We aim to make new products which satisfy our customers through our accumulated technologies by many years.



Development and Production of various motors

Production of motor parts

Main Products

Motors (Finished products and Stator Winding)
Induction Motor, brushless motor, Servomotor, Commutator Motor, Generator, Micromotor, Resolver Sensor
Parts Processing
Core Pressed parts, Metal Cut Parts, Resin Molded Products

What makes ICHINOMIYA DENKI CO.,LTD. different from others?

We do integrated production from parts processing, winding, assembly all in one site or within the same factory.

We make production facility to pursue fast and effective production system.

We do motor design and development. We offer the best quality products to our customers from trial stage until mass production.

We also do single parts processing. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry.

List of our business line-up



We make motor core assembly by punching steel plate using high-speed press machine.

Shaft Process

Shaft Process

We fabricate motor shaft for our products to complete in-house production.
Using our various process facilities, we fabricate wide variety of shafts applicable to the special motor designs
We also do mass production for various parts using precision lathe machining.

Resin Molding

Resin Molding

We do resin molding mainly as insulator for stator winding.
We also perform simultaneous and precise insertion molding of core parts with pin headers, collars, or nuts.

Insulating Powder Coating

Insulating Powder Coating

We have the latest equipment, facilities and coating material to perform powder coating from 30μm up to 500μm thickness.
We have much experiences in insulation coating that could meet customer specified requirements.
The quality of our coating is highly resistant to rust and pressure.
Using our own painting material developed with the cooperation of the paint manufacturer for the superior rust prevention, we do special painting like Neodymium painting applied for stator cores and magnet rings, etc.
Our factories in Thailand and Philippines could perform core pressing, powder coating, and all the way to winding of the cores of HDD micro motors.