We manufacture resolvers, brushless motors, and generators for various applications.

We integrate production processes in manufacturing our products. Both design and trial stages could effortlessly and efficiently be converted into mass production.

The following products are made to order. We also offer and propose high-quality designs based on our customer’s specific needs and requirements.

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Resolver Sensor (Variable Reluctance Type)


Resolver is the sensor to detect rotation angle. It consists of a core assembly and winding.

Comparing to other angle sensors, it is resistant to vibration and temprature variation.

It is the main component of a rotor magnetic sensor used for automotive brushless motor.

Brushless Motor

Brushless Motor

Brushless motor is small, highly effective, and enables sensitive control.

We design motors best matching any given driver.

We could propose the most suitable motor to any given driver, with the help and support of our business partners.



We make designs for the most effective power generation through its power sources like engine, hydroelectricity, and windpower, etc.