Engineering Approach


Production Engineering Policy

It is important to educate and train the workers and engineers to survive global competition.
It is our mission to provide them tools and jigs, which are easy-to use, in support for the overall quality improvement.

Ever since its foundation, we always encourage engineering department to create our own production facility that can produce good products with good quality and accuracy with the least amount of time and number of manpower.

Approach to development of new products

Product Development to meet customers' expectation


Applying our accumulated techniques and experience over a period of time, we work on designing and developing various motors to meet customer needs and expectations, while maintaining our non-disclosure agreements with them.

Approach to Pursue Reliable products


We strive to make our products more reliable by performing relative appropriate evaluations during initial development stage using various sophisticated equipment such as Motor characteristic testing device, Environmental test machine, Vibration tester, and many more.